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Delve into an editorial on the prints from our first Art Attack capsule collection. We invite you to be part of the design process and learn about the inspiration behind these prints:

  • It all started with a stain. Brushstrokes and splashes create the camo print of the unisex sweatshirt and printed joggers. More than 100 paint splotches in a range of oranges, earths, creams and some blues overlap to replicate the signature military print, but with a more artistic identity.

  • The patchwork print is an arsenal of drawings, an agglomeration of more than ten different designs. From illustrations of the Iniqual monogram, to splashes of color and graffiti or abstract doodles. A single shirt dress, many ideas behind it.

  • Each design is selected after analyzing numerous versions, tests, trials and also errors. Our unisex comfort shirt is not only behind pattern and size studies, but also color tests and print analysis.

  • Once the capsule collection is finished, the last step has been the photo session for our website. We give you a little behind-the-scenes teaser with the incredible Bibi and her favorite item of clothing from the session, the unisex wide leg pants.