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February 5, 1999
Dear Diary,
Is that why they call it being caught? I guess if you don't
felt so attached to someone they would call him
another way... I think I'm destined to worry so much about
a person who almost obsesses me.

February 12, 1999
Dear Diary,
I have a feeling we should kiss, but…
Is it a mutual feeling?
Life moves super fast, if you don't look at your
around once in a while, could you miss it?

March 4, 1999
Dear Diary,
Who gave him permission to be so handsome?
Sometimes my eyes hurt when I see him.
Will you think the same? In the end we are all quite insecure,
though some are better at hiding it.

March 18, 1999
Dear Diary,
I don't know where we are in our relationship
Could it be that sometimes love is indistinguishable from attention?
Or is it that we only accept the love we think we deserve...

April 4, 1999
Dear Diary,
I think people don't realize this, but the
loneliness is underrated. If you let someone in
your life, you can't stop being afraid that he will leave and
stay alone

April 22, 1999
Dear Diary,
Do you think I'll ever really know what he's thinking?
I never really know how it feels but I in these
moments I feel infinite.

Makeup: Sara Sánchez Ríos ( @sarasanchezzr.mkp )
Hairdresser: Diego Molina ( @cajadecambiosvigo )
Photography: Yatir Fernández ( @_yato___ )
Models: Víctor García ( @victorgarfer ) and Ana Parcero ( @ana_parcero )