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An Edit dedicated to people who go against the current, to those who are not satisfied with being one more, to
free spirits who refuse to go in droves and, of course, those who prefer “o feito na terra”

For rebels with a cause!

1. do the opposite of what the masses do
2. Ignore the opinions of others
3. Stealing ideals is not the same as stealing ideas
4. Follow your trends, ignore the fads
5. Incorporate your rebellious spirit into everything you do.
6. Crazy girls also give good ideas
7. Changing your mind does not mean that you do not have things clear
8. Use your voice to advocate for change
9. Question everything
10. Traveling shows you new ways of seeing life
11. Don't lock up your rebellious spirit
12. punks are also happy

Makeup: Marta López ( @martalpzmakeup )
Photography: Adrián Lorenzo ( @adrilorenzo01 )
Models: Miguel Sestelo ( @sestelo__ ) and Marina González