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Chicago Dinner Comfort Shirt


Light as the wind, the Chicago Dinner unisex shirt will shape your figure without defining it. If you are a fashion lover and what you are looking for is a special garment, you have already found it! Why give up style for comfort when you can have both?

Non-binary sizing:
Paula (photo 2): she is 1'67 and wears size S/M shirts. He wears size S.
Chiwi (photo 3): he is 1'94 and wears size XL shirts. He wears size XL.
Rio (photo 6) is 1'93 and wears size L/XL shirts. He wears size XL.

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General information about our patterns: SIZE GUIDE


A limited edition shirt designed to cover all your needs. With it you can enjoy the greatest comfort in your home and, at the same time, look good to go out.

Made with a super light cotton, Its inclusive pattern has a relaxed fit that does not mark . In addition, its asymmetrical length, dropped sleeves and loose fit will give you the freedom of movement you need. You can wear it buttoned up for a comfortable look, with the front inside the pants and the back outside for a casual look, or as an overshirt to add a touch of style to your most basic looks.

This print on a dark background plays to turn a more serious garment into something lively and original. Our “Dinner in Chicago” print is filled with illustrations inspired by the work of Judy Chicago that, interspersed with 1970s kitchen paper waves of gray, create a chic yet casual ensemble.

This exclusive shirt will be your perfect travel companion , as it prevents wrinkles and irons perfectly with a single touch of steam. A 100% European, limited and responsible non-binary gender production , this garment will not only make you look good, it will make you feel amazing!

This garment is 100% cotton, a very light and soft fabric, with a lot of drape and movement. This knit fabric is durable and recyclable. For more information on the care of this product, consult the following table: