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Chicago Dinner Lightweight Sweatshirt


A different basic for which they will not stop asking you. Our Chicago Dinner sweatshirt is sure to turn heads. It is the reflection of a daring, fun and joyful personality that seeks unique garments that reaffirm their identity. If dressing like the rest bores you, it is undoubtedly the garment you need

Non-binary sizing:
Paula (photo 1): she is 1'67 and wears size S sweatshirts. She wears size S.
Rio (photo 5): he is 1'92 and wears size XL sweatshirts. He wears size XL.
Morgana (photo 7): she is 1'70 and wears size M sweatshirts. She wears size M.

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General information about our patterns: SIZE GUIDE


An exclusive sweatshirt designed for you to enjoy the longest trips with the greatest possible comfort . This garment is made with an ultra soft fabric similar to neoprene that neither marks nor weighs it down . Its slightly flared shape makes it a roomy and comfortable garment that adapts to any body. Its characteristic knit does not wrinkle or need to be ironed , which makes this sweatshirt your favorite companion for all your getaways.

A limited-edition design piece with sporty touches that you can wear to the office, as its youthful style and versatile character will enliven all your outfits. It is perfect to combine with any type of pants, skirt or dress; It will be your creativity that marks your style without giving up comfort.

A special garment that will help you create incredible looks . Its retro-style two-tone print is inspired by kitchen paper from the 70s. Playing on the contrast of light blue and off-white, this print recreates psychedelic elements inspired by The Dinner Party cutlery that give the sweatshirt character eye-catching without being overpowering.

The special sweatshirt that you were waiting for is made following a 100% European non-binary gender production, limited and responsible and designed to last you and you can enjoy it for a long time.

This garment is made with a polyester similar to neoprene, breathable and very soft. For more information on the care of this product, consult the following table: